Jumaat, 1 Mei 2009

DyLens C905


Welcome to my one and only blog, you can't find it anywhere even inside your closet, under your bed or either under your armpit,hehe... of course you'll find the beauty and relaxing mind here in this website at "www.dylens.blogspot.com". Its been a long time planning to create my own website until now. Since that i've been thinking what i might  to show on my website and now here it is, capturing sunrise, the skies and mores. I present you all the best pictures i've taken for you to see, the beauty of sunrise here in our beloved and treasury country. And also few other pictures from nearby countries.

All the pictures capture are just by using Sony Ericsson C905 8megapixels cybershot. The best camera phone i used nowadays. This is how you benefit your phone, not just use for calling, texting or either capturing your own portrait. But capturing nature is the best thing i've done so far, the more best picture you take the more interesting it was. Try it... =P